''Sometimes the right tool for the job is a keg of beer.'' -- Unknown


Nothing says that you are serious about hospitality quite like a keg of fresh craft beer bought right out the back of the brewery. Often we encounter people who are surprised they can make such a purchase. That's why we are here. We have a variety of beer styles that are available throughout the year, and some seasonal beers, which you have to catch when you can.

First question: 5 or 15.5 gallon keg? A 15.5-gallon keg holds 124-16 oz. pints. A 5-gallon keg holds 40. We charge a rental fee on our dispensing equipment, party pumps and jockey boxes, as well as a deposit which you get back after you come back with our stuff and tell us what a great event it was.

Here's a form to fill out, submit, and we'll email you a quote, which will make picking up your keg a veritable breeze.

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