Just a quick note to let you know what we know about what is happening here at Island Brewing Company. For starters, this is a LOW TIDE ALERT, repeat, LOW TIDE ALERT, which means we are two-five gallon kegs away from the very, very last of the Baltic Blackbird Porter. This has proven to be a beer capable of getting one through a tumultuous winter. Its deep, delicious, roast will be missed. Get on it before it's gone!

What this means, of course, is that we have a bevy of phenomenal beers coming your way. As soon as the Baltic Blackbird bids adieu, an Imperial Amber will rise in its place, helping you to conquer all. We've kept the batch size low to maximize flavor concentration and wow at first sip factor. The end result is 8.5% abc, 20 IBU beauty that is likely to be your new go-to beer.

Friday, we also join many breweries around the country that are participating in the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew, a women empowering beer brewing extravaganza that will see our brew crew brew a Pilsner with Hibiscus and Tangerine. This should be ready to roll sometime around April 1st, no, really. Exciting times for women in the craft beer industry. Check out https://www.pinkbootssociety.org/pink-boots-brew/!

And while the timing is emerging, the barrel aging progresses. On the radar is a Jubilee aged in Scotch barrels, our beloved Big Island Barleywine, 2017 edition, emerging from Bourbon barrels, and a Jubilee aged in Grenache barrels. Watch this space.

We've got the new calendar up with bands, gatherings, and more: take a look at the month ahead over at the website. We've got an action packed line up that will be benefiting your general well being. We've also partnered up with United Blood Services for Pint for a Pint. Donate a pint of blood and get a $1 pint. Book your appointment here, and feel especially good about your naturally alturistic self the next time you're in for a beer!: :http://www.blood4life.org/index.cfm?group=op&step=2&opid=785087&opidh=4870E5D70EC0A3A3D6224A04D3CAA078&idt=43153.6400926

In regional craft beer news, the Central Coast Beer Week kicks off March 23 - April 1. The Central Coast Beer Fest takes place Friday March 24th in Atascadero at the Sunken Gardens from 12 -4. The week will be rife with tap takeovers far and wide. Check out https://www.centralcoastbrewersguild.com/home for all things local craft beer coming up.