An Evening Reception with Jean-Michel Cousteau and his Ocean Futures Society Team

Jean-Michel Cousteau and his Chief Expedition Photographer, Carrie Vonderhaar will showcase “Ocean Adventures” at 5:00 pm on May 3, 2018. The art exhibit will also include additional photographs from Ocean Futures Society’s team members including Dr. Richard Murphy and Holly Lohuis, both marine biologists with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s team.

Traveling to extreme locations around the globe to reveal the mysteries of the ocean and its connection to our human world, Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team of explorers and photographers are excited to showcase their award winning photographs in a special ‘Ocean Adventures’. 

While on assignment with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society, the photographers lived in remote villages in the Amazon, assisted in the rescue of a stranded orca in New Zealand, and traveled in everything from helicopters and floatplanes to dug out canoes to get the shot and to document the story. They have spent months at a time in the field, and have explored and photographed extremely different environments, from 17,000 feet in the Andes photographing melting glaciers, to over 100 feet under water photographing reef sharks in Fiji and French Polynesia.

As a conservation photographer, Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Chief Expedition Photographer, Carrie Vonderhaar continues to pursue stories that will increase awareness about our oceans and our environment. “My hope is to continually challenge myself to find new and artistic ways to create images which both celebrate nature and highlight conservation issues. Photography is a powerful tool that can bring awareness to environmental problems and advocate for change.”

Explorer. Environmentalist. Educator. Film Producer. For more than six decades, Jean-Michel Cousteau has dedicated himself and his vast experience to communicate to people of all nations and generations his love and concern for our water planet. The son of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, Jean-Michel has investigated the world’s oceans for much of his life. Honoring his heritage, Jean-Michel founded Ocean Futures Society in 1999 to carry on this pioneering work.

Part of the proceeds from all sales will go to supporting the mission of Ocean Futures Society.

Ocean Futures Society, a non-profit marine conservation and education organization, serves as a “Voice for the Ocean” by communicating in all media the critical bond between people and the sea and the importance of wise environmental policy. As Ocean Futures Society’s spokesman, Jean-Michel serves as an impassioned diplomat for the environment, reaching out to the public through a variety of media and educational programs. And Jean-Michel is thrilled to have the beautiful work of OFS featured at IBC. 

“This will not only be visually stunning, but a real sensory experience that will take the explorer in everyone on an adventure through the photographs of Carrie’s taken from around the world, including some beautiful images from our own backyard of the Channel Islands National Park and National Marine Sanctuary.” Jean-Michel Cousteau, President of Ocean Futures Society.
Join Carrie Vonderhaar, Holly Lohuis and Jean-Michel Cousteau in a special artists’ reception on May 3rd starting at 5:00pm. They will be signing special nature prints as well as Jean-Michel Cousteau will be autographing his book, “My Father, the Captain: My Life with Jacques Cousteau.” Come enjoy some of their personal stories of their adventures featured in the photographs that will grace the walls of the Island Brewery Company for six weeks from April 30th through June 24th.
About Ocean Futures Society:

The mission of Ocean Futures Society is to explore our global ocean, inspiring and educating people throughout the world to act responsibly for its protection, documenting the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrating the ocean's vital importance to the survival of all life on our planet. For more information, please visit