We’re hosting a community-minded discussion with a cross section of first responders on how to optimize your emergency plans, Wednesday, March 21 from 7-8:30 pm. Every time it rains, the burn scar from the Thomas Fire has us on edge. And while you might have evacuated multiple times already, there’s always room for improvement. The next three-to-five years is the time frame for our hillsides to return to normal. Firefighter Moses Romo will detail what to have in your emergency bag and shelter in place box, as well as offer practical details to make the next time you have to leave an organized, as-smooth-as-it-can-be affair.

We’ll also hear from emergency dispatcher Raquel Zick for her perspectives on coordinating a community in crisis, and a former paramedic Ryan Zick. Finally, we’ll also hear from each other, share what we’ve learned so far to be ahead of the game for the next evacuation. And we will additionally have a few beers, too, in the aim of optimal community building! Hope to see you then!