The adventure of Sofar Sonear, a world-jazz collective, begins in Santa Barbara, California, in 2013. Founding members are Tevfik Bultan (acoustic bass), Michael Hallström (guitars), John Knecht (percussions), and Fabio Rambelli (reeds and woodwinds). They have all come to Santa Barbara following different paths, and have brought their musical experiences and voices together to create this exciting band, with a unique and edgy sound that blends acoustic jazz and world music with a hint of rock and blues.

Listening to Sofar Sonear, one can hear musical influences that not only reflect the band members' geographical origins (Turkey, Italy, Sweden and US), but also their musical affinity to many other parts of the world (from Spain, to India, to Brazil). All these influences are blended in the language of jazz, resulting in a sound that is eclectic and personal at the same time. Sofar Sonear's repertory consists mostly of original compositions, plus some unexpected arrangements of traditional melodies and pop song