The one and only Avocado Festival is here. We have topped off on all your favorite IBC beers and then some. Yes, we will have plenty of Avocado Honey Ale, and yes we will also be releasing the long sought after Avocado Honey IPA and our new released Avocado Honey Stoaked, aged in oak barrels. We will be opening the parking lot to accommodate you and your friends and your friends’ friends as well as putting up ample amounts of shade, seating, corn hole, extra serving stations and more. We have an all star lineup of musical acts this weekend too: Friday, Skamakazie blends the ska with the punk, 7-9 pm. Saturday, Cate School All Stars, 12-2pm, SolTree, 2-5pm, Knit Pickers, 6-9pm, brings a little something extra special to their good vibes, and Sunday, Cadillac Angels, 2-5pm, wraps it up with a little RocknSoul. See you soon, if not sooner!