Beer Flag

Fly your beer flag proudly to signify times of festivities. Fly your beer flag upside down to indicate your supplies are getting low.

Light Green Women's V

We decided that this particular captivating piece of elegance did not need a caption. Cursive Island Girl on the back, classic one color logo on the front with Carpinteria, CA props.

Metal Tacker

Spruce up, well, anyplace, with our full color metal tacker. This and some beer and you pretty much have instant brewery. 13.5 x 18 in oval.

Tropical Lid

Keep the tropics always on your mind. This hat will make anyone anywhere feel at least some part of their soul is at the beach. Otto Snapback for perfect adjustability.

Island Nation Membership

Move among that rare species of loyal IBC enthusiasts with an Island Nation membership. Here's how it works: pay $80 and for one year you will receive the big 22 oz beer for the 16 oz price, a $2 savings each time you tilt one back.! Non transferrable. Not available in AK, or HI!

But wait, there's more: see the yearly member shirt that pronounces your understanding of fiscal matters and your love for IBC beers. Perfect gift. Perfect gift for you.

Women's Black Tank Top

Be the person you know you are with our black logo tank top. Suns out, the guns can come out.

Island Zip Sweatshirt

Channel Islands National Park rendered nautically to scale leaving you time and energy to navigate to your next beer.

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